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Use of Media in Education: My Video and Media Principles

In this reflection I will share some of my “best practices” for using media in the live, virtual or hybrid classroom. What is most important in terms of video and media is to achieve connection to “cognitive interest” as stated by a decade-old video interview of Professor Richard E. Mayer of UCSB . The key is to make sure the material being presented is concise and clearly understandable by the audience.   I am learning from practice that professionally produced video is not absolutely necessary to make a difference. You can DIY if you follow some good standards. My best practices include:  Include principles of accessible design ( ). For example, c aption and/or provide transcripts for media .  Use principles of effective media design. Carefully place text next to images, choose colors for aesthetic purposes, don’t let audio effects distract from the message or content. Let pedagogical priorities guide your video production so that you build on t

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